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The Perfection, Installment 1


Long ago, many years before it is possible for you to imagine, all the Peoples of all the earth wandered about, for they had no home in which to remain.
They wandered wherever they chose, and so whole was The Perfection in everything that there was no reason for the the weather to harm them, nor the animals to hunt them.
But as I am sure you must know or have concluded, no one can live this way forever, and no Perfection is forever, no matter how blissful ignorance may be.
They eventually built crude villages, constructing tents from the hides of animals they had found dead on the plain.The Plains

Their villages and tools evolved, growing more sophisticated and easier to use and hold, and their houses were strengthened as the winds and rains began. In time, they learned how to hunt animals for food, and so the first part of The Perfection was broken. When Animals became hunted, they also became the hunters, and those who could would attack humans if they came too close to them. Continue reading