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Mech Installment 1

Everyone, from the lowest pauper to the highest ranking Aristocrat, had heard of the strange breed of dragons, rumored to live high in the mountains.
Rora had grown up hearing about them, the strange mechanical dragons who were supposed to be able to fly in complete silence, their well-oiled, steel and canvas wings making no sound at all. Dragons were never silent, what with their groaning flaps of skin hung between hollow bones, bigger around than Rora’s waist, and the air crashing behind them from where they’d torn it, but these huge metal beasts were the exception.
Her father’s old study was filled with his life’s obsession of them, a five foot model standing in the middle, held in a flight position, wings outspread, the legs held close to the body, with wires and pins in the body replacing the ligaments, muscles and tendons.
It had no eyes, and Rora, sitting in her father’s office by the hour and examining the thing, had frequently asked about them. Continue reading