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Beginnings Installment 6

She’d become skilled at lying.
This is what Kvistyn found herself thinking this morning as she sat engulfed in white and lace and chattering women.
Skilled she had indeed become, and far too skilled for her own comfort, though she saw no way around it. If she were to give voice to her true thoughts, she would be signing her own death warrant.
So Kvistyn played the Blushing Bride to be for Caldfyt, played a giggling girl for the women folk of the place, letting those commissioned to be her bridesmaids fuss and gush over her perfect white gown as they made the final touches to it. Continue reading

Beginnings, Installment 4

She walked through the halls of her father’s house, a place that had hardly been a home to her since her childhood.
Why, she lamented pettishly, couldn’t she return to the way things had been?
But she knew the answer.
The moment in time Caldfyt had confessed his love had forever ruined and diverted the track of their friendship, and she could easily name the one other time she remembered that had permanently changed things between them.
Memories haunted her, returning with astonishing clarity as she trailed her fingers along the wall leading to her room.

She remembered the first few weeks of their engagement, when she’d still been fighting to keep things how they had been.
She’d stormed to her room, slamming the door behind her and collapsing onto her bed. The movement brought a crinkle of paper, and when she sat up, a note, now wrinkled, was revealed.
All it held was a picture, of the view she now had from her bed. Continue reading