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Shades of Black, Installment 3

I wandered amongst the trees, feeling each soundless step I took through the thin soles of my boots. Even my breaths were silent, mere frosted clouds in the chill air as I walked through the silent monarchs of the forest. I didn’t want to talk to anyone right now, nor did I want to listen to Zipper and her brother’s pointless bickering; These silent watchers provided the peace I enjoyed in the aftermath of the duels. I closed my eyes, leaning my forehead against the smooth bark of an unidentified tree as I tried to sort my thoughts. It was at times like this that I sometimes, if not often, wished my parents were here to help me.
I’d never known either of my parents, not enough to remember them. This, I’d decided, meant that I’d known little to nothing of either of them, considering the excellent memory I’d seen in the other small children in my Clan. Continue reading

Shades of Black Installment 2

“So how did you do in the duel today?” Zipper asked, bouncing up and down on her toes, as energetic as ever full of her inexorable cheer and good spirits. She was wearing these neon purple and black striped tights atop ridiculous purple boots made of loose, artistically wrinkled leather and that went to just above her ankles. These were accompanied in the style only Zipper could execute by a short, black skirt edged with crisp, light purple lace and layered with tulle underneath, finished with a short-sleeved, purple top, the tiny black stones sewn into it glinting in the moonlight in their mosaic pattern. It was far from difficult to deduce my best friend’s favorite color, and I had a habit of noticing details other people found trivial. It was handy sometimes, but often irritating others in my hyper-observance.
“I don’t want to talk about the duel,” I said tiredly.
I doubted this diversion would work on Zipper, but I always had to try. Sure enough, she only laughed and linked elbows with me. Continue reading