New Hobby Gothic

There are the ones that you will tell people about. “You’ll never believe what I’ve been getting into,” you say, gesturing widely. They listen, and slowly, they begin to do it too.
You fill your Facebook wall talking about it.
Glitter begins to appear in corners, and you try to avoid looking at it.

Some of them are handed to you. Someone else tells you about it, or drags you along, or you hear about it 3 times in one week. It is useless to resist.
You smell vaguely of paint at all times. You are not sure why.

There are the ones that appear out of the night. You walk into a store looking for tape, and you walk out $137 lighter and a dazed look in your eye. You begin to read forums.
You mutter things like “water testing” or flex nibs”. People cross the street to avoid you.
Your bank account is crying. You ignore it.

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