With the resignation of Ted Cruz and John Kasich from the Republican presidential race, Donald Trump was handed the nomination on a gilded platter.
Never mind that I cannot believe America has happily picked up the gun to shoot itself in the collective foot, but also?? All over my facebook dash, conservatives, mostly older Christians, are posting about how they “choose to fix their eyes on things above” and “God will do with this nation what he will”…..
I disagree with this tactic, because one thing God does not call for is passivity and ignoring of problems.
I don’t think that refusing to vote will help keep the problem of Trump out of the white house. I don’t think it is the right choice to look at the current situation and use the literal end of days as an argument for why it would be less of a problem??? Do you look at your flat tire and not deal with it because, well, maybe tonight, Jesus will return and no one will need tires in Heaven? We are living in this day and age, and given that we have literally no idea when the end of days will be, I believe we should do our damnedest to keep our lives working as best they can.

I’m just a little baffled by this race and the litany of responses that make no sense.
So in response, I will be throwing my brash, 20-something opinions at you and forcing you to accept them as gospel because that’s what every blogger is trying to do. Yeah.

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