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Today, readers, I have a different kind of post to share with you. I know you’re expecting snarky complaining, or a humorous story about work, but variety is the spice of life, after all.
In my English 102 class, we were split into groups and told to pick a topic, focusing on a problem we believe is relevant in our community. The idea is to do something to improve upon the chosen problem, so today, I’m presenting you with my group’s topic of choice.

Within Heartland Community College, there are clubs and groups and organizations and independent groups, and we have an awesome internal volunteer network. In many ways, we have everything the other two universities in town (Illinois State and Wesleyan) have, in regards of classes and degree focuses. However, one of the huge differences is that both of the other universities have centers and facilities for volunteering in town. There’s opportunities for in-home care for the elderly, a few homeless shelter and soup kitchen links, even one for animal shelters. But when it comes to Heartland, we are on our own if we want to volunteer off-campus. We’ve decided it’s time to change that.

As a group, we’ve gathered information and spoken to both the Volunteer Coordinator and the President of the Student Government Association. We believe it’s time for us to create a resource for Heartland students that allows us to volunteer in town through HCC.
It doesn’t seem right to me that the two schools with massively out-of-state bodies are more active in the community than the community college. It’s a little ridiculous, honestly.

Across the states, volunteer rates have plummeted since 2002, sinking from nearly 30% of citizens donating their time in some way or another, to barely above 25%.

This downward line has perpetuated, and is only going lower since 2013. I would also like to direct your attention to the graph below. Where do you see the lowest volunteer rates?

Sadly, it’s among the age demographic that is most likely to be college students. Heck, senior citizens beat us out for volunteering. Come on, guys!! We can do better than this!

Volunteer chart

Fellow students, our proposition is that we come together and ask HCC to give us a resource to donate our time to this town. Our student base is almost entirely local! More than anyone, we know what this town needs from us, and we should care! By following the link below, you can access our petition and add your name to the cause. Help us make a difference and defy the downward trend!

Link to Petition:
Sign here guys! Share with your friends and classmates!

Link to Instagram:
You can go here to learn a little more about the organizations we hope to help and the people we hope to impact.

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