No, the title is not a glitch.

Both my laptops have simultaneously given up a ghost of a wifi signal, leaving me only two bars on one and nil on the other, supposedly “better”, one.

This has been perfectly timed with the move I have made recently, which sets up some suspicions.

In answer to all of you burning with curiosity, I switched rooms with my sister, giving me a window seat and one less room mate. This room mate is nearly six, so she presents a different set of challenges, but she is not woken up by the Christmas lights I like having perpetually on.

The only downside is, she adores me and everything I own.

‘Downside?’ you may ask. How is this possibly a bad thing?

In that she asks for every single thing she sets her eyes upon.

Old bag of stale peanuts? She wants it.

Random rock you don’t remember picking up? She adores it.

A bag of expensive chocolate you got for your birthday? She must have them.

Not even the doorknobs Pinterest inspired you to buy, on which to hang scarves, are safe.

“Can I have one??” has rung in my ears for as long as she has known how to talk, but moving into the same room with her means that now, she wakes me up with them, standing by the side of my bed with the object in her hands and eyes at optimum pleading width.

I’ll make no secret of the fact that it’s difficult to keep my temper, but it’s also gotten me thinking.

Small children are notorious for being shameless in asking for things. People are infamous for being unable to resist them. How much could we get if we turned off our inhibitions and asked for everything we saw and desired? The world could be at your feet.

Brazenness and bold attitudes are rewarded in this life.
Why, the presidential campaign could be yours for the taking, should you only ask.
A small African country could be handed to you on your whim.
You could probably get the British to do anything if you were polite enough, if only because they couldn’t bear to be so rude as to refuse you.

Perhaps this is a dangerous notion, as I think on it.

There is, after all, such a thing as too much power.


-wanders away pondering-

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